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Learn About the NXGEN Ambassador Opportunity
"NXGEN services are second to none. Over four years of service we have not had a single problem. NXGEN customer service is always there to help with a courteous and friendly attitude. Whatever your needs may be, NXGEN will provide you with the best, most cost efficient service."
Sarah N MD., Plastic Surgeon
"Now that I can work with my network of people I know, without worrying about learning all the details of electronic payments, I see how this could become my retirement plan"
Joe A Business Owner (Fitness)
"An Ambassador can provide fact gathering information about needs and future requests without any sales pressure. This equates to merchants being very open to communicate with the Ambassador about their problems and concerns with their current Merchant Processor Service."
Robert B Mortgage Broker

A New Residual Income Opportunity

From North America's #1 Rated business Service Provider (MSP)

Imagine if you could tap into an industry and earn residual income for the life of every account.

Imagine if you could earn money every time someone swipes a credit card or debit card.

Imagine if you could establish a viable second income source (or even primary) to help pay the bills and improve your quality of life.

Well, now you can. Introducing the NXGEN Ambassador Program - a residual income opportunity with some of the highest-paid commissions in the industry and account lifetime residuals, guaranteed. With this Program, you can earn extra cash every month from a worldwide financial services leader with an Accredited A+ status, setting this Program apart from any other residual income opportunities.

Want to make an additional $500 to $5,000 a Month? Simply refer businesses to NXGEN to become customers, and individuals to become Ambassadors. It's that easy and free (absolutely no fees!). The more businesses you sign up, the more residual income you earn, and keep earning month after month, year after year. Learn how it works and how you can earn extra money.

Become a NXGEN Ambassador today and secure your future with every swipe.

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"Working with Greg and the NXGEN Ambassador team helped me feel confident about recommending NXGEN services to businesses I use every day. Then, when a business is set up and happy, it's easy to go back and ask them to refer me to their fellow business owners." - Jamie C.More>